Majorelle Coffee Canister in Orange

Delivery time up to 5 days

This artisanal Majorelle canister features an original Bacha Coffee design. Available in different colours, these beautiful air-tight Majorelle containers are the ideal, stylish accessories to store coffee away from light, air and humidity. Each canister has an outside and inside lid, and is carefully painted by hand to ensure lasting quality. Sold empty, these tins can hold up to 500g of loose coffee beans or grounds.

Note: This artisanal canister boasts a beautiful matte finish and deep, rich colours which can only be achieved by hand crafting each piece, a unique and ancient process which Bacha Coffee is proud to keep alive. This process signifies that no two canisters are alike, but also means that there are natural irregularities in every piece which should not be the basis for any returns. Made of hand painted tin plated steel.

Clean the surface of coffee canisters with warm soapy water, drying them thoroughly. Take care not to moisten the inside of the canister as it has been coated with high-quality silver-washed water to maintain a long-lasting luster.