Kahwa! Kahwa! Decaffeinated Coffee (Ground Beans) - Black Glass Jar

178,13€ / kg
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This rare and elegantly complex blend of naturally CO2 decaffeinated coffees highlights a delicate acidity reminiscent of wild bergamot and a fruity flavour which finishes with a hint of dark chocolate.

Bacha Coffee is proud to use the finest natural extraction method to produce our collection of 100% Arabica decaffeinated coffees. The green coffee beans are steamed then added to a high-pressure vessel where a mixture of water and carbon dioxide are circulated. The caffeine dissolves into the carbon dioxide while the compounds contributing to the flavour of the brewed coffee are insoluble and remain intact in the bean. This process, which does not involve the use of any chemical additives, is considered to be the most effective at keeping the unique characteristics of each coffee intact. The Bacha Coffee Decaffeinated Collection: a unique and pure brew for any time of the day or night.

This collection features decaffeinated coffees which are beautifully packaged in hermetic black glass jars which have been carefully conceived to keep your beans safe from light, air and humidity, and presented in beribboned transparent gift boxes.

The glass jar contains 160g of coffee and can perfectly be refilled.