Book - Marvellous Moroccan Moka (English)

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Discover the story of the Dar el Bacha palace in Marrakech, Morocco, where Bacha Coffee originated. Delve into the history of coffee from its origins in Ethiopia; voyage along the ancient trail with the Moroccan scholar Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili to the trading post of Moka; and then, tantalise your palate with the fascinating stories of 33 of the most exceptional coffee producing countries around the world. Filled with anecdotes and fascinating facts, Marvellous Moroccan Moka is the perfect companion for coffee lovers. In addition to beautiful photographs and illustrations recording the story of coffee as it travelled from the Middle East to Europe and beyond over the past 600 years, this book features little-known facts on the health benefits of coffee, the geography of coffee cultivation, the botany of the coffee plant, the most exceptional varieties of coffee, and much more.