Bacha Coffee Filter in Gold

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Bacha Coffee has created the ultimate collection for coffee connoisseurs. Used in our exclusive coffee rooms from Marrakech to Singapore, this collection is composed of essential accessories for the perfect coffee experience.

The ideal accompaniment to the Bacha Coffee Pot, this beautiful gold coated stainless steel fine mesh filter is the ideal sustainable tool for regular coffee drinkers as it doesn't require throw away paper filters. Crafted at a perfect 60 degree angle for the perfect pour over, this filter is suitable for all coffee pots and mugs. Since water passes quite quickly through the coffee grinds, the filter should be used with a fine metal filter grind to brew 3-4 cups of smooth, full-bodied coffee. Made from stainless steel with gold PVD coating.

After every use, remove the coffee filter, discard used coffee grounds and rinse thoroughly. Filter and holder can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Do not clean with steel wool pads, abrasive cleansers or any other materials that may scratch your Bacha Coffee Filter.