BACHA Parisian Press Coffee Pot in Gold, 350ml

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This exclusive design is the result of over 100 years of history and tradition. Using a unique "French" press process, this pot allows coffee oils through, adding a huge variety of floral and sweet fruity flavours to your cup. Since some coffee sediment may also seep through the metal filter, coffee prepared in this pot tends to taste well-rounded and less acidic. Coffee should be ground relatively coarse for a French press. Composed of a gold coated stainless steel holder, a dishwasher safe glass beaker, a reusable metal filter and lid, this coffee pot is ideal for all varieties of coffee. The Parisian Press Coffee Pot has been conceived to deliver the perfect cup of pressed coffee.
Suitable for all types of harvests. 

This Parisian press produces approximately four cups of coffee. Made of glass and stainless steel with gold PVD coating.

Glass beaker is dishwasher safe. Stainless steel filters should be hand washed only. Stainless steel frame should not be washed or rinsed with water, only wiped with a soft cloth. If it does come in contact with water, then be sure to dry thoroughly. This product is not suitable for the microwave.