Assorted Coffee - Coffee Bag Box

113,43€ / kg
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In this assortment, enjoy a curated selection of the following favourite varieties of our coffee bags:

Flavoured Coffees:

2 bags of Caramelo Morning Coffee
2 bags of Sweet Mexico Coffee
3 bags of Seville Orange Coffee

Single Origin Coffees:

2 bags of Monsoon Secret Coffee
2 bags of Mount Kenya Coffee
2 bags of Naranjo Mountain Coffee
2 bags of Lagoa Coffee
2 bags of Sierra Madre Coffee
2 bags of Turquino Coffee
2 bags of Sidamo Moutain Coffee 
2 bags of Magdalena Coffee

Fine Decaffeinated Coffee:

2 bags of Magdalena Decaffeinated Coffee

Bacha Coffee offers exquisitely roasted single origin 100% Arabica coffees from every producing country in the world. These sachets were specially conceived to allow the full aroma of each hand picked coffee to produce a perfectly balanced cup.

Pack of 25 individually wrapped Drip Coffee Bags of 12 grams each.

Preparation Method:

Step 1: Tear open the sachet from the slit at the top of right side.
Step 2: Gently open the filter bag by tearing along the perforation.
Step 3: Hook the paper clasps around your cup.
Step 4: Slowly pour water heated to (95°C) over the coffee until you fill the cup.