Arabica-Kaffee: Die bessere Bohne

Arabica Coffee: The better bean

Lernen Sie den ersten angebauten Kaffee kennen

4 Dinge, die Sie über BACHA Coffee wissen müssen

4 Things you should know about BACHA Coffee

1. Bacha Coffee was named after a palace in Marrakech, Morocco.  Bacha Coffee’s story started in 1910 in the spectacular Dar el Bacha palace, which means “house of the Pasha”. A pasha is a title of a high-ranking officer in the Ottoman Empire and North Africa.Did you know? The Dar el Bacha Palace has hosted guests such as Charlie Chaplin, Colette and Maurice Ravel, and even statesmen Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill!Today, you can enjoy the Bacha Coffee experience at coffee rooms in Marrakech and Singapore. 2. There are over 200 Arabica coffees to choose from. With pure Arabica coffees sourced from over 30 of the most well-reputed coffee producing countries, the Bacha Coffee library is an excellent starting point to discover the world’s best harvests.There are four types of pure Arabica coffee beans available: single origin, blended, flavoured and decaffeinated. Each of the 200 coffees are freshly roasted. You have the option of purchasing whole beans or having them ground to your preferences. 3. Each coffee harvest is hand-roasted separately. Bacha Coffee’s beans are roasted at low temperatures in drum roasters using traditional slow methods. As each coffee variety requires a different degree of roasting, harvests are hand-roasted separately to ensure quality. 4. There’s more than just coffee. Bacha Coffee retail selection includes coffee accessories and complements. Recreate the Bacha Coffee experience at home with richly coloured coffee cups, pots, filters, measuring spoons and tins in a wide range of sizes and designs.

So wählen Sie einen Arabica-Kaffee aus

How to Choose an Arabica Coffee

Verstehen Sie den Unterschied zwischen sortenreinem, gemischtem, aromatisiertem und entkoffeiniertem Arabica-Kaffee.